Friday, March 30, 2007

UFO Inventory: First Sweater

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I've spent the past week organizing my fiber life. All the fiber into boxes. All the yarn into boxes or given away. Future projects put in clear plastic boxes with labels, combining the yarn & patterns, any swatches done, etc.

Great cathartic experience.

One other thing I did was box up all the UFO's, label them, and photograph them. One of my goals this year was to eliminate these UFO's from my life.

My SIL was amazed that I had so many UFOs. I was amazed I had so few. I've been feeling like I never finish anything. She always sees me finishing most things I start. Hmmm...who is right? Maybe both of us.

To start off this series, I show you my first sweater. This is a sweater from the Yarn Girls book. It is the first sweater I ever attemped. I have two sleeves, the back and the front done. So, why is it a UFO?

Can you guess?

Gauge issues maybe?

While the body of the sweater will fit over my body, the high neck is too tight. I think I can make this a design element by not sewing part of the neck.

But there's another issue. This sweater is from a wonderfully soft bulky alpaca. Knit in a firm gauge. I live in southern California. Unless I want to see how many pounds I can lose by sweating, I'll never be able to wear this sweater.

Oh, I'll finish it. Eventually. And put it in a drawer as a reminder of my first sweater.

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the_crocheter said...

You can give it to somebody as a present if you can bear to let it leave it's own life. Or reknit it and wear during the winter.