Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lost my Knitting Mojo

I haven't fallen off the earth, I've just been a bit preoccupied. My baby boy pup and I travelled to the Corgi Nationals in northern California. For weeks in advance, we trained for our one goal: to NOT look like a goober. I'm not entirely sure we achieved that goal, but the look on his face says it all. We had a good time.

What surprised me most about this trip is that I had no interest in knitting. I did finish one of the Grasshopper Socks from the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Club KAL. It doesn't fit. It is loose and sloppy and I don't love it. I think that was the last time I saw my knitting mojo. I had tons of knitting with me--even the lovely Bohus socks. Oh, wait, I did finish one of the Bohus socks on the trip too. (more pics later on that).

So how to get the knitting mojo back?

Make a list. I made a mutha list of all the unfinished projects and projects I really want to work on. Then I ranked them. (Yes, I am a bit obssessive.) I ranked based on how much was left to do, difficulty, desire, etc. I agreed with myself that I'd work on just one project: the one with the highest rating.

Here's the results:

Noro Silk Garden Lite, Color #2028
No major pattern modifications, except that I knitted the body in the round rather than 2 parts. After casting on and knitting half the body, I found out that the errata noted that the number of stitches in the pattern was wrong. Instead of ripping, I just increased at just above the waist. Fits the important parts better that way :)
Nothing like a finished object to restore the knitting mojo. Next on the list: Bohus Socks--I can't wait to show you.
Oh, by the way, someday I'm going to learn how to reply to your comments, but I don't really know how yet. So if I don't reply, don't think me rude, just technically challenged.


Nanette said...

What an adorable dog! I love Corgis! The Klaralund is just a beautiful sweater - the colors are lovely.

doulicia said...

This is too weird. I have been creating a sweater like this in my head. Do you knit the top sleeve to sleeve and then pick up stitches along the bottom of the shoulders and knit down to the bottom?

It looks great. How is it that your sleeves and torso have stripes of the the same width? I'd think on the larger bodice the stripes would be narrower than on the arms.

Nice work.

Denise said...

Your corgis are beautiful! The sweater looks great, too.

K2Karen said...

Doulicia, I hope you get this...you knit the body in the round and then the sleeves from tip to neck. The striping was just pure luck--noro is funny yarn!

The pattern is in the Cornelia Tuttle book from Noro.