Saturday, August 09, 2008

UFO Olympics-Day 1 Progress

My knitting group is having a UFOlympics challenge. Our goal: smack down those annoying UFOs.
My progress, after day 1, is:

- Norwegian Shawl on the blocking board. Still need to steam block and weave in 2 ends.

- Hyrna Shawl. This is also my challenge for Team Knitting Camp. I didn't cast on until yesterday--according to the rules. I completed 26 rows yesterday. Actually, I completed 50 rows, but had to rip out twice because I apparently don't know how to read charts.

- Charlie's sweater: I only knit about an inch on this at dinner. Miles and miles of stockinette to go. The body needs to be 16". It is now about 11".

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Nancy said...

You're going great so far!

Angie said...

looking good, Karen!