Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What a Pal!

What a Pal!

My sockapalooza pal is the greatest. Wanna see? (Warning: Corgi picture heavy post--did I tell you I got a new camera?)

Sockapalooza Box First, a great box--with my favorite color peaking out: lime green.

And then...a really cool row counter she made herself:

Sockapalooza Row Counter2

And some fun gifties--including chocolate!

Sockapalooza Gifts

Do you see what I see? It didn't take the corgis long to find that some of the gifties were for adorable puppies!

Dancer--always the good dog--assumed that she wasn't supposed to steal them. So she tried to pretend they didn't exist by looking away.

Sockapalooza Dancer Being Tricked

Tango, of course, tried to steal them: Sockapalooza for Tango

And then insisted they belonged to him and only him: Sockapalooza- Mine!

After we became obedient corgis, we all got one rawhide chew to enjoy.

Sockapalooza- Where's Mine? Sockapalooza for Dancer Sockapalooza Tango Chew

Of course, there were also SOCKS!!! Aren't they gorgeous? Don't you love how they match the skirt I was already wearing? And they fit perfectly.

Sockapalooza Socks


Sockapalooza Rib

Julie's the greatest, don't you think? The corgis want to know when the next swap starts. They're ready.


CardiLover said...

Wow! You got great stuff! Glad the dogs were counted in, too. Saw you on Ravelry...I have to admit it was the corgis who caught my eye...you'll see on my blog, I'm sure! :)

JulieLoves2Knit said...

Glad you ALL liked the treasures. This was a fun project! So was the chocolate totally melted? Still tastes good though!

Linda said...

Too Cool! What a great pal to send for the kids too.

Virtuous said...

Wow those cable cuffs are awesome!!