Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sock Sillies

Aren't these fun! MaryLynn, my blogless sister-in-law, was going on about how much she wants mismatched socks. So I made these. For me. Yes, MaryLynn, for ME.

I bought a small sampler pack of hand-dyed romney when I went to the Santa Monica Fiber fest. I whipped out the spinning into a 3-ply worsted and knit these up loosely based on a Kathryn Alexander pattern from the Spin-Off book Socks!. I took that same sock template from my June post and just did a toe-up sock and played with the colors. The leg is, of course, entrelac. It is a bit baggy because I blocked the socks over something larger that my significant calves.

The knitting took me about 4 evenings. I had so much fun I didn't want to put them down.
On a less silly note, here's the Solstice Slip socks from the Blue Moon Fiber Art's Rockin' Sock Club 2007.
These socks feel great on the feet. I'm not a big fan of the short row heel, but I have to admit it is growing on me. I love the way the garter feels.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finished Object: Fifi

Fifi Finished4
Originally uploaded by K2Karen
Matilda is an easy companion. She never worries whether she looks fat. She doesn't have to put on makeup or fix her hair before photo shoots. My DH adds that she doesn't require new shoes on a weekly basis.

This is FiFi, from French Girl Knits in Rowan Calmer. Ahh, it feels good to finally get something done.

I've been knitting very steadily lately and seemed to have recovered from my Startitis infection. Finished my Solstice Slip socks. Almost done with an amazing pair of socks from some homespun that don't match and include entrelac. I'll show you those later. For now, you get Fifi.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oooohh, Shiny!

One of the things I don't like about Ravelry--it encourages startitis. I read about some fun project and want to start it now. I read about some yarn on sale and click, click, click--my new yarn is on the way.

I have, however, been making some progress--albeit on shiny distractions. Here's what's on my needles at the moment:

Solstice Slip The First

Solstice Slip, Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight in Firebird. A Sock Club selection.
One down, one to go. Fun sock, btw. This one fits so nicely and I really enjoyed knitting it.

Fifi in Progress

Fifi from FrenchGirl in Rowan Calmer. I'm having trouble capturing this color. It is much prettier than this. It is a soft lavender. I'm about 80% done with this one. I've decided I'm going to knit one tank top/shell a month. This is my August entry.

But this is the one that is completely messing up all my other goals and blogging and sleeping and eating:

Autumn Rose In Progress

Autumn Rose by Eunny Jang from the book Simply Shetland 4. I bought the kit from Two Swans and I simply can't stop knitting on this one. Aren't the colors great? (Someone will probably roll their eyes at my less-than-perfect fair isle knitting, but I'm having fun and I don't care!)

You will all excuse me, won't you? I have a Saving Grace to watch and a second sleeve to knit.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What a Pal!

What a Pal!

My sockapalooza pal is the greatest. Wanna see? (Warning: Corgi picture heavy post--did I tell you I got a new camera?)

Sockapalooza Box First, a great box--with my favorite color peaking out: lime green.

And then...a really cool row counter she made herself:

Sockapalooza Row Counter2

And some fun gifties--including chocolate!

Sockapalooza Gifts

Do you see what I see? It didn't take the corgis long to find that some of the gifties were for adorable puppies!

Dancer--always the good dog--assumed that she wasn't supposed to steal them. So she tried to pretend they didn't exist by looking away.

Sockapalooza Dancer Being Tricked

Tango, of course, tried to steal them: Sockapalooza for Tango

And then insisted they belonged to him and only him: Sockapalooza- Mine!

After we became obedient corgis, we all got one rawhide chew to enjoy.

Sockapalooza- Where's Mine? Sockapalooza for Dancer Sockapalooza Tango Chew

Of course, there were also SOCKS!!! Aren't they gorgeous? Don't you love how they match the skirt I was already wearing? And they fit perfectly.

Sockapalooza Socks


Sockapalooza Rib

Julie's the greatest, don't you think? The corgis want to know when the next swap starts. They're ready.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sockapalooza 4

Darling daughter is having one of those days. Just now, she lost her cell phone. She sent me down to the Tai Kwon Do studio to see if she left it there. After much bowing, I still didn't have a phone. Guess where it was? On the bathroom floor. Earlier today, she went to get her nails done, but didn't have enough money. Oh, Mom?

But today was a good day. I got a great e-mail first thing this morning. My sockapalooza pal said my package was mailed today! All through this process of putting together a package for my sock pal, I never thought about the fact that someone was making something for me. I know, I know, that's the whole point, but I just didn't think about it. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to think that someone out there was knitting something special just for me.

While I was out taking number one daughter her money, I dropped my sockapalooza package off at the UPS Store. What a great place! Those folks are so organized and friendly. I actually like taking my shipping there.

Oh yeah, here's a picture of the complete package. I hope the socks fit. Do you think she'll like it?

Sockapalooza 4 Gift Box

(Socks; 1 skein colinette jitterbug; a monkey backpack thingy; a monkey pencil pouch; the sockapalooza commememorative project bag; and an Ella Fitzgerald CD to listen to while knitting)