Friday, August 22, 2008

A UFO Done--and another Naughty Dog

Voila! It only took me a year, but I managed to wrestle another WIP/UFO/Thorn in my Side. Here's the shawl blocking.

My sticking point was the edging. It became apparent that the edging was going to take much longer than the shawl. And I hated knitting it. And it wasn't all that pretty. Once I finally made the decision to rip it back and pick out a simpler edge from Stahman's book, it only took me a week to finish.

Pattern: Pi Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman (of course)
Yarn: Lisa Souza's Alpaca Silk in Emerald City
Needles: US Size 10.5

This is the shawl blocking on my daughter's bed--really glad she's on vacation so she won't complain about all the pins.

Naughty dog paw in the upper right corner of the picture. Has anyone noticed that the boy dog is always the naughty one?
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Angie said...

Bravo! Karen, it looks lovely and is a perfect color for you.

loopykd said...

Karen that is beautiful! I love the color.

picperfic said...

You do some fine knitting and spinning!

Jean said...

The color is a neutral for me, I wear green with blacks and browns and I do like this shawl. Love dogs as well, they're all wonderful to me.

LiteraryLadybug said...

Lovely shawl! Spotted your dog ravatar on Ravelry and I had to come and look at your blog. Wonderful!