Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 Fiber-ish Goals

  • End the year with only 3 projects in an unfinished state. Those 3 projects must be active projects, i.e. worked on in the last week. No UFOs.
  • Always have a small knitting project in my bag--usually simple socks.
  • Complete at least 14 pairs of socks.
  • Master the art of creating an EZ sweater that fits me well.
  • Master creating steeked cardigans that fit me well and I enjoy wearing.
  • Evolve the EZ sweater to be a v-necked sweater with the sleeve option that flatters most. (This means making different kinds and figuring out which one works best for me.)
  • Master spinning usable and beautiful sock yarn from hand painted rovings.
  • Reduce my stash. (This fits well with the other goals since most of my stash includes sock yarns and yarns for sweaters.)
  • Actively participate in the Socks that Rock club--make all the sock patterns as written and post the results on their and my blog.
  • Actively participate in Amy's fiber club--she sends out lovely fiber once a month. Spin it and make something from it and send pictures to Amy and post them on my blog. (Note how nicely this fits with the goal about sock yarns and hand painted rovings!)
  • Make a sweater from primarily handspun yarn.
  • Master basic socks and have a pattern written up that you could share for your basic socks.
  • Complete TKGA Master Knitter Level 1.
  • Submit TKGA Master Knitter Level 2. I don't have to pass it, just submit it.
  • Create a photographic archive of all projects completed in 2007. Ideally, photographic before you start, at least once in the middle, and the absolutely the FO.
  • Make knitting and spinning more about the social connections and less about the accomplishments. (Hmmm, this kind of contradicts the other goals!)
  • Maintain a knitting/spinning/fiber blog with at least 2 posts per week throughout 2007.
  • Learn how to use my knitter's loom well enough that I make an attractive and simple scarf.
  • Of all the stuff I make, most I can actually wear in this lovely temperate weather.
  • Keep spinning--reduce my fiber stash by making yarn, reduce my yarn stash by knitting up what I have and what I spin. This is all about practice, not about perfection.

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Splindarella said...

Wow! Those are some impressive goals! Good luck -- I look forward to checking back and seeing your progress. :)