Saturday, January 06, 2007


Corgis make wonderful companions. They are smart. They are very devoted. They are equally at home hanging out on the couch or playing a rousing game of fetch.

However, like most herding breeds, one must make sure corgis have a job to do. Because if you don't, they are likely to invent their own job.

Such as organizing a fiber festival, an alpaca fest, if you will....


cayli said...

They look so cute sitting there. Guess you will get to practice your joining in of fiber when you spin now. ;)

Karin said...

A friend sent me your blog link.
I have a Corgi and she has done the same thing to bags of roving
and chewing up three sets of needles.
Your dogs are very cute ! Love their fiber festival !

Knitman said...

Oh gosh! yes, I have to keep my yarn and stuff well out of hte way of my Apsos.