Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blogging Goals


I have so much to learn about blogging.

Lesson 1: Don't write your post in the blogger editor. Stuff happens and complete posts mysteriously disapper.

Lesson 2: Don't wait to post until you have something "important" to say.

Lesson 2a: Take lots of pictures. Don't wait until things are done or everything is perfect. Take the pictures. Now.

Those last two are hard lessons for me. I go again.

When I read other people's blogs, I like:
* Lots of pictures. Good pictures.
* Information about finished projects with details. And good pictures.
* Links to inspirational stuff: cool patterns, great yarns, good vendors.
* Interesting insights into the person. Honesty, reality.
* Pictures of projects in the works. It is interesting to see how projects progress.
* Technical stuff--knitting and spinning techniques.

So...what am I going to blog about. When I'm sitting here, wondering what to write, I'm going to check back on this list and look for ideas:

* What's on my needles, right now, no matter what the state, good and bad.

* UFO Inventories, or "What I'm NOT knitting"

* What's on my spinning bobbins?

* Reports on classes I take, what I learned, what I don't completely understand.

* What my friend the UPS Man brought today.

* Book reports--grab a book off the shelf and write about the projects I want to do. Or don't want to do. Or discuss why I should get rid of the book!

* What's waiting in the wings to be started.

* Stash inventory--fiber to spin, yarn languishing.

* Dream projects--I have a bunch of study projects I'd like to do. Even if I'm not going to ever do them, it is fun to think about them--and maybe someone else WILL do them.

* Dream vacations. If I could get away for 4 to 7 days of knitting, what would that look like? Where would it be? What would the days include?

* Knitting goals (and regular progress reports--maybe quarterly)

* Spinning goals--and progress reports

* What interesting technical thing have I learned on my current project--even if it isn't rocket science, it may be something new to me.

* Finished projects, of course. Including info on gauge, yarn, pattern, modifications, etc. Source of pattern or notes on my own designs.

* Simplest of all: What knitty or fiberly thing did I do today?

That should keep me out of trouble.

So, to get started, here's some works in progress.

First, Endpaper Mitts. This is my first attempt at using double points. I messed up the cast on by using too large a needle, but I can block that out. Yarn = Koigu KPM (yummmm). The strange dark color splotches are the purl "seam". Much less obvious in person. (By the way, my dog's A-Frame makes a great background!)

Next is a project to be. Madness, pure madness. When I first got my spinning wheel, I ordered a sampler kit from the woolery. All kinds of different fibers, 1 to 2 ounces each. It seemed like a great idea at the time. Now it looks like lots of fiber, but not enough of any one thing to do something with. So I'm doing something. An EZ Adult Surprise Jacket where each row is a different fiber, alternating dark with light. (I'm much further along on this jacket than this picture suggests--but we're not waiting to post pictures!)

The corgis are at my feet. Dancer's about to start complaining. It is past our bed time and they won't go to bed until I do, so that's enough for tonight. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of my second EZ Circular Yoke sweater and a ruffle scarf.

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